More detail:

The Symposium, 'The Creative Parent,' is an innovative event that we will be hosting at Déda in May 2024. Our target audience comprises parents and caregivers who work in the performing arts as a means to open debate and discussion around the impact of parenthood on creativity.

What sets 'The Creative Parent' apart is its inclusivity and the active encouragement of children's involvement. The conference is designed to be a family-friendly space, where children are not just tolerated but embraced. Our aim is to provide dedicated entertainment areas for children, making them an integral part of the fluid conference event. This unique approach encourages parents and carers to participate without the worry of childcare, which is often a significant hurdle.

The symposium provides a platform for attendees to share and discuss the impact of parenthood on their creative processes. With a range of key speakers being approached, varied opinions and experiences will be showcased, ensuring that the discussions are rich, diverse, and thought-provoking. To make the event even more engaging, there will be a performance by The Gramophones Theatre Company, specially designed for children and their adults. This will provide entertainment but also an example of how parenthood has shifted the company’s outputs.

In addition, there will be a Research and Development sharing session by Adaire to Dance, which addresses the sensitive topic of baby loss and explores how 'becoming a parent' can influence one's art form. This is a poignant and essential aspect of parenthood that often goes unacknowledged in the performing arts community.

The Creative Parent Symposium is a FREE event in May 2024. This family-friendly event facilitates discussions on the intersection of parenthood and creativity, featuring diverse speakers and performances by The Gramophones Theatre Company and Adaire to Dance. Attendees explore the challenges and positives of balancing parenting and creative pursuits, with a keynote address from Dance Mama and presentation from PIPA. It caters to artistic parents and caregivers by providing a unique platform that incorporates children's participation. Funded by UoD and Derby City Council.

Structure of the Day:

  • 9.30am: Registration in café
  • 10-10.15: Intro – let’s move together
  • 10.15am – 11.00: Keynote – Lucy Mccrudden (Dance MAMA)
  • 11 – 11.10: Adaire to Dance  Sharing of R&D of Tender Steps
  • 11.10- 11.20:  Q&A
  • 11.30 – 12.30:  FREE Lunch
  • 12.30-1.30: Panel discussion
  • 1.30-2.10pm: Take Flight Workshop (The Gramophones Theatre Company)
  • 2.15- 2.45pm:PiPA  – recent research and range of support on offer
  • 3pm – 3.45pm: Round robin discussions
  • 3.45 – 4pm: Mindful stretching close