Loch Lannagh Ripples

In collaboration with Illuminos

A live participatory light work along the lakeside in collaboration with 70 individuals, from schools, community groups, associations and others within Castlebar, Ireland. 

Using high brightness LED torches, and the basic principal of the well known Mexican wave as a start point, choreographed moves were generated through collective action. By lining up the participants along the lakeside after dark, giant and mesmerising waves of light were seen to pulse up and down the shoreline.

Watch here

Time and Tide

In collaboration with Illuminos

A spectacular three part video projection event, celebrating the passage of time and our place within it.

Over the course of three Acts, the diverse backdrops of Lydiard House, Swindon, Nothe Fort, Weymouth and the Rock Walk, Torquay were brought to life through a new light, sound and dance art commission. Featuring specially composed video, sound, music and choreography artists Matt, Alice and Rob Vale worked with participants from Swindon, Dorset and Torbay to create the huge artworks that transform and animate the facades of each venue.  

From stately home to military fort to geopark, each act of the piece brought participants and viewers together to celebrate their relationship with the locality, its past, present and future.

Watch here

Le Ballet de Cour

In collaboration with Illuminos and Tatton Park

A thirty minute five screen film created during a residency at Tatton Park, Cheshire. A dancer is seen to move seemlessly across many and varied landscapes within the Tatton Park estate, moving through time in her choreography, from winter to summer, spring to autumn.

Outdoor work is integral to what we do here at Adaire, with Illuminos and Déda|Producing we help produce diverse and exciting new outdoor work.

Below is some of our work to date...

Chatsworth Luminare

In collaboration with Illuminos and Déda|Producing

A promenade outdoor work in Chatsworth gardens where the spectators got to experience the garden in a new light, on a magical moonlit journey, with illuminations and live dance playing out the legend of Artemis, Goddess of the moon and the hunt.

Inspired by the painting of Georgiana, the 5th Duchess of Devonshire as Diana (the Roman name for Artemis) which hangs in the South Sketch Gallery in the house, the story explored the mythology of Artemis's silver bow and arrows, and her encounter with the hunter Orion. It followed eight sections, echoing the cycle of the moon, with three of these stages being home to mythical dancers choreographed by Alice Vale.


Taken from our full length theatre show 3Fold, this lively and fun tennis piece is often seen at outdoor events. Festivals previously been to : ​Derby Festé, Matlock Live, and Dance in the Forest.