The origin of our Name...

At the start of World War Two, friends Gladys Newell and Dilys Coppack formed ‘The Adaire Sisters’. With morale low Concert Parties were being created to help boost the mood of the troops and those at home through entertaining acts. 

‘The Adaire Sisters’ quickly became popular with their diverse dance repertoire. They specialised in tap routines, but also dabbled in song and dance routines, soft shoe, and ballroom, not forgetting their infamous comedy turns that always brought the house down.

They performed all round the country with various Concert Parties, doing their bit to help the country through yet another World War. 

At one of the Concert Parties Gladys Newell met Bob Peddie, a saxophonist, and history was made. They married and started a line of artistic individuals.

The name Adaire to Dance comes from an old dance duo called TheAdaire Sisters

One of the sisters was Gladys Newell who was the grandmother or our Artistic Director. When choosing a name for her company Alice felt it very apt to use this connection, carrying on the legacy of The Adaire Sisters through Adaire to Dance.