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Inspired by the well known Greek myth of Icarus; the boy who flew too close to the sun – Artistic Director and Choreographer, Alice collaborated with Rob and Matt Vale of digital art company, Illuminos, to bring the tale to life.

Icarus is the son of Daedalus, an inventor who is involuntarily creating a maze at the hands of King Minos. The performance explores themes of over ambition, ignorance and recklessness whilst conveying the intimate relationship between father and son.

A consistent multi-media of light, sound, animation and contemporary dance brings the piece an additional dimension, of which heightens the depth of the tale.

The digital animations interact with and respond to the choreography, of which captures and transforms imagination into reality, allowing the performance to thrive and come to life.

All is revealed in the final scene, a moment of soaring, with entirety and ambition. No fear, doubtless and reaching for your desires.

“Never regret thy fall.”