Watch below to see a short film on the work we have done to date...

Derbyshire is enriched with memories and tales that are passed down from generation to generation. This can be said of the memories of those that experienced the First World War 100 years ago. As a company we take great interest in human characteristics and stories, leading us to want to research further into finding out what memories Derbyshire has from such an iconic time in history. 

Derbyshire's Fight Through WW1 is to entail creating a dance film depicting the thoughts and feelings of those who lived through the war in our beautiful county. The end product will have a sound-score of a poem created from the memories collected and written by Writers in the Peak. The dancing will take place at War memorials across  Derbyshire, leaving us with a film, shot by Illuminos, that seamlessly flits through and around our county lost in a whirl of old memories and thoughts.

We are currently in the research stage of this project with the support of Derbyshire County Council. We aim to have this film finished by Summer 2015.